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The foreign language courses offered by the School of Languages, Literacies and Translation can be taken by students as option or compulsory courses or to fulfil the number of units required for graduation. Students are not allowed to register for more than one foreign language course per semester. They must complete at least two levels of a foreign language course before they are allowed to register for another foreign language course. However, students are not required to complete all four levels of a foreign language course.
LAA 100 – Arabic Language I

The initial sections of this course emphasise the usage of correct Arabic grammatical forms for communication purposes. Vocabulary used in daily interactional situations such as in greetings, introductions, descriptions of common objects andplaces are also introduced. Writing skills are also given due emphasis through the provision of exercises and through the enhancement of Arabic via topic‐related textual discussions.

LAA 200 – Arabic Language II

This course exposes learners to a wide range of communication skills used in daily activities. The number of vocabulary items vital for the acquisition of Arabic will be increased through their application in both conversational and writing tasks. Learners are introduced to interrogatives and prepositions that form the basis of effective interaction/dialogue. Grammatical items such as simple sentences using the present and past tense verb forms are also introduced to enhance communication skills.

LAA 300 – Arabic Language III

This course offers practice in vocabulary usage and in the construction of various sentence patterns for general and complex communication needs. It also introduces the correct usage of a variety of  sentence structures by providing detailed explanations of past, present and imperative verb forms. Dialogue practice through a variety of conversational situations such as during convocation ceremonies, in job interviews, at flight terminals and during vacations are emphasised upon in all teaching and learning sessions.

LAA 400 – Arabic Language IV

At this level, emphasis is accorded to the use of accurate grammar and its application in communicative situations. The use of the Arabic language in daily interactions at hotels, banks, sport complexes,  shopping malls and in comparing urban and rural lifestyles is given weightage in this course. Writing skills are also given due emphasis through the provision of supplementary exercises. 

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