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Minor Programmes

The School of Languages, Literacies and Translation offers five minor programmes, namely English For Professionals, Japanese Language, Chinese Language, Communicative Arabic and French Language. Students have to accumulate 20 compulsory units. Students taking the minor package have to begin with level 100 and then proceed to the subsequent levels.

The courses offered are as follows:


(A) English For Professionals

Compulsory Courses

LET 101/4 Introduction to World Languages and Multilingualism

LET 106/4 Professional Reading

LET 107/4 Writing for Professional Communication

LEM 214/4 English in Society

Optional Courses

LEM 310/4 English Discourse in the Professions

LEM 311/4 English for Administration

LEM 313/4 English for Scientific, Technical and Web-based Writing

LEM 314/4 English for the Media

LEM 316/4 Oral Communication for Social and Occupational Purposes

(B) Japanese Language

LLJ 100/4 - Elementary Japanese

LLJ 200/4 - Intermediate Japanese 

LLJ 300/4 - Advanced Japanese I

LLJ 400/4 - Advanced Japanese II

LLJ 401/4 - Business Japanese

(C) Chinese Language

LLC 100/4 Elementary Chinese

LLC 200/4 Intermediate Chinese

LLC 300/4 Advanced Chinese I

LLC 400/4 Advanced Chinese II

LLC 401/4 Business Chinese

(D) Communicative Arabic

LLA 100/4 Communicative Arabic I

LLA 200/4 Communicative Arabic II

LLA 300/4 Communicative Arabic III

LLA 400/4 Communicative Arabic IV

LLA 401/4 Business Arabic

(E) French Language

LLP 100/4 Elementary French I

LLP 200/4 Elementary French II

LLP 300/4 Intermediate French I

LLP 400/4 Intermediate French II

LLP 401/4 French for Business


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