The foreign language courses offered by the School of Languages, Literacies and Translation can be taken by students as option or compulsory courses or to fulfil the number of units required for graduation. Students are not allowed to register for more than one foreign language course per semester. They must complete at least two levels of a foreign language course before they are allowed to register for another foreign language course. However, students are not required to complete all four levels of a foreign language course.


LAE 100 - Spanish Language I

This course is an introduction to the Spanish language, Spanish‐speaking countries and their culture. Learners will distinguish typical Spanish pronunciation and acquire  basic grammatical structures and a range of vocabulary related to communication in everyday situations.



LAE 200 - Spanish Language II

This course aims to develop elementary proficiency in spoken  and written Spanish, focusing on listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural literacy. Learners will increase basic grammatical and lexical knowledge, and gain some insight into cultural aspects pertaining to Spanish speaking countries. At the end of the course learners will be able to express and understand simple needs in predictable and common situations related to their personal lives.



LAE 300 - Spanish Language III
This course aims to consolidate learners’ command of Spanish  grammatical structures and their acquisition of active and passive vocabulary. While mastering complex sentence structures, learners will be able to understand and use a variety of basic sentence patterns that will enable them to enhance their interaction skills as well as their comprehension of conversations. This will also improve their essay writing skills. Upon completion of this course, learners will be eligible to register for the international DELE A1 examination.


LAE 400 - Spanish Language IV

This is the final course of the Spanish language course series. Learners will review and expand their grammatical, lexical and cultural knowledge of Spanish‐speaking countries to attain proficiency at the  intermediate level. They will be able to communicate with more accuracy and complexity in oral and written Spanish in informal and formal situations. Upon completion of the course, learners will also be eligible to register for the international DELE A2 examination.