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Resource Room

The Reading Room and the Resource Room have been combined into one facility, known as the Resource Room. With this re-constitution, there is now access to a wider range of materials in one place. The Resource Room is at Room D35 on the ground floor of D10, just adjacent to the General Office. It is stocked with a variety of light reading materials, for example, local and foreign magazines, novels, newspapers and periodicals. The Resource Room now has an internet ready computer and the room has also been WiFi enabled. A recent acquisition has been a daily Tamil language newspaper, and soon there will be a wider range of magazines and periodicals too. We hope that the modest efforts of the Resource Room will go some way to foster the reading habit among our students. The Resource Room is open daily Monday to Friday from 10-4 p.m. Students are most welcome to visit and use the resources in the Resource Room. 


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